Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Online Math Test Prep GROWING BUNDLE A

This GROWING BUNDLE contains sets of digital math worksheets provides students the opportunity to practice problems based on the skills outlined in NWEA's Learning Continuum for MAP 6+ Test. These practice problems are designed to provide students with a vast exposure to the following RIT Bands: 

  • 211 - 220 
  • 221 - 230 
  • 231 - 240 (not yet included; total discounted price will increase to $25.00)

This resource can be used for differentiated instruction, math workshops, and progress monitoring. 

This set contains 48 (32 are currently included, 16 will be added by 4/18/21 and total discounted price will increase to $25.00) digital, self-graded worksheets using Google Forms. There are four worksheets for each of the following math goals: 

  • Geometry, 
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking, 
  • Real and Complex Number Systems, and 
  • Statistics and Probability. 

Each worksheet has 10 practice problems that builds students’ critical thinking and math skills and conceptual understanding while developing their vocabulary. That’s a total of 480 practice problems!

Get yours now ... for $16.00! 

03/31/21 is the last day!

Online Math Test Prep GROWING BUNDLE A


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