Monday, February 21, 2022

February 2022 Teacher Talk

 Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern 

Welcome to our February Teacher Talk.  All of us from the Teacher Talk collaborative would like to wish you a Happy February.  We have so many fab tips this month from Math, ELA and reading ideas, to High interest learning and our featured author for the month, you don't want to miss reading these blog posts from some awesome educators.

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All You Need is Love and Kindness

My husband got up one gloomy morning and went to the gas station to fill his car, when he went to pay, the gas pump said, “prepaid.” A kind person, from the goodness of his/her heart, paid for his gas. Needless to say, it brought a big smile to his face.


Celebrate Reading

Ways to celebrate March is Reading month.


Discover How to Effectively Use Running Record Assessments with Primary

Wouldn’t it be great to get insight into what a student does when he/she reads? Learn how in this post!


Bully Tales

My encounter with this student who was a school bully produced a surprising result.


Tips to Use Whose vs.Who's and Their vs. There, vs.They're

Help your students learn an easy way to choose between confusing words.


Palindromes in Words and Numbers

I was getting ready to pay for my meal at a buffet when I noticed the cashier's name tag. It read "Anna" to which I replied, "Your name is a palindrome!" The cashier just stared at me in disbelief. I explained that a palindrome was letters that read the same backwards as forwards. Because you could read her name forwards and backwards, it qualified as a palindrome. In fact, February 22, 2022 will be a palindrome if written as 2-22-22!


How to Deal with Common Problems During Literature Circles

Learn about 6 of the most common problems teachers face during literature circles and solutions for each problem.


Teacher Talk's Featured Author - Alison Monk

Alison Monk of The Literacy Garden is Teacher Talk’s Featured Author. Alison’s TpT store at has amazing ELA resources, book companions, and morning work for your classroom. Get her free close reading lesson using nonfiction magazine-styled passages.


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