Friday, March 25, 2022

Types of Angles Task Cards Acute Obtuse Right | Digital and Printable

Help your students master angles with these task cards! In order to review types of angles, students need a way to practice and apply their knowledge. It can be hard for students to really understand what acute, obtuse, and right angles are without some sort of practice. These task cards will help your students review and apply their knowledge of types of angles. The task cards are easy to use- just print them out and you're ready to go! These types of angles task cards are the perfect addition to your math centers. 

Maybe you need both printable and digital options to reach all your students. The same 24 angle types task cards are also included in a digital version! There are answer keys for easy grading. With this purchase, you will have access to both a printable and digital versions. 


  • 24 Types of Angles Task Cards 
  • Ink Saving Black and White Version
  • Color Version
  • 24 Digital Task Cards Utilizing Easel Activities
  • Recording Sheets
  • Answer Keys

These reviewing angles task cards are the perfect solution to jazz up your math centers! These fun and engaging types of angles task cards will help your students review acute, obtuse, and right angles while having fun! This resource would work for 2nd- 4th grade, or older students who could use some review or younger students who need a challenge!

★★★What teachers are saying about this resource:

✎"Can't wait to use this this coming year!!" Amber M.

✎"Thank you for this great resource." Olivia L.

✎"Great for angle i.d." Melissa P.

✎"Wonderful resource. My students loved it! Thank you so much!"


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