Thursday, May 11, 2023

FREE MATH LESSON - “Counting by 10s with Crayons and Kids self correcting Interactive PowerPoint”

by Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers

Do you need an activity for practicing counting by 10’s? This self correcting, Interactive PowerPoint slide show with sound effects.
Open the zipped file, the file named Directions has a printable recording sheet and answer key. The interactive game is the file named Counting by 10’s with Crayons and Kids
Students will click on a random symbol on the home page and be taken to a slide on which they must answer the question, “How Many?” counting groups of ten. Students will count by 10’s, record their answer, and check their work by clicking their answer choice on the slide. If the student clicks on a correct answer, a slide with “Way to Go!” will pop up and the student will hear applause. If the student clicks on an incorrect answer a slide with “Oops Better Luck Next Time” will pop up and the student will hear a breaking glass sound effect.
Students can tally correct answers on the points slide that you project on a whiteboard if you wish, or you can copy the black and white points slide. The point sheet is designed to be used with teams of four, or four teams when using the game with the whole class. Tallying points is optional of course.

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