Tuesday, August 29, 2023

FREE MATH LESSON - “Distributive Property | Digital Center | 6.EE.3”

by Keep On Growing
6th Grade

Engage your students with this interactive Google Slides™ resource. This digital activity is perfect for students to practice using the distributive property . Your students will be able to show their work DIGITALLY. This resource includes sections for students to type in their work as well as some draggable pieces. 

⭐️CCSS: 6.EE.3 Apply the properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions. For example, apply the distributive property to the expression 3 (2 + x) to produce the equivalent expression 6 + 3x; apply the distributive property to the expression 24x + 18y to produce the equivalent expression 6 (4x + 3y); apply properties of operations to y + y + y to produce the equivalent expression 3y.

This resource includes:

➡️ 4 Google Slide Pages

  • 2 sets: Matching Answers: 12 questions in total
  • 2 sets: Open Ended: 12 questions in total

➡️ Answer Key

➡️ Instructions page for:

  • Uploading the resource to Google Drive
  • Assigning the resource through Google Classroom

You'll be able to add this activity to your google drive and assign it as a GOOGLE CLASSROOM activity. 

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