Thursday, August 17, 2023

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Habitat Snatch Game”

by One Room Schoolhouse
1st - 3rd Grade

This is a game that students play in pairs to review/practice matching animals with their correct habitat. This file contains 3 different game boards and 1 page of dice to print and construct.


Make one copy of the habitat dice and construct it.

Each partner will need 5-7 tokens each.

Partners take turns rolling the die. They place a token on an animal that lives in the habitat. Play passes to the next person. If the animal has player 1’s token on it, then player 2 can “snatch” the space away. If a player rolls an animal that already has their own token on it, they can “lock” it by placing a second token on it. If a space is “locked”, then it cannot be “snatched” by the opposing player.

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