Thursday, November 23, 2023

FREE MATH LESSON - “FREE Math Task Cards - Creating True Algebraic Equations Using Only Four Numbers”

by Scipi - Science and Math
7th - 9th Grade

This FREE math resource includes three ready to print task cards to practice building and creating equations while using mental math, computation, analytical skills and problem solving. Each task card contains different math puzzles which vary in difficulty from easy to challenging. There is one easy puzzle, one medium level puzzle and one challenging puzzle; so, you can differentiate by choosing the level of difficulty appropriate for each student.

Each math puzzle is a square divided into four parts with a circle in the middle of the square. Each math puzzle contains four numbers, (all positive) one in each corner of the square, with the answer in the circle. Using the four numbers, (each number must be used once) the student is to construct an equation that equals the answer contained in the circle. Students may use all four signs of operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) or just one or two. Additionally, each sign of operation may be used more than once. Parenthesis may be needed to create a true equation, and the Order of Operations (PEMDAS) must be followed. Complete directions and answers are included in the resource.

The complete 36 task card set is available at:

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