Saturday, July 2, 2011

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - Guided Reading Tips, Hints, Strategies, Activities, and Ideas FREE!

by Wise Guys
3rd - 7th Grade

This document will provide you with tips, hints, strategies, activities, and ideas of how to teach guided reading in your classroom. Topics covered are: assessment, reading inventories and testing, before reading strategies (KWL, word study, vocabulary), during reading strategies (comprehension, fluency, predicting, summarizing, connecting, visualizing, clarifying..), after reading strategies (literacy centers and activities) and how to motivate your students to enjoy reading.
There are also links to activities that I directly use in my classroom to teach guided reading. I have watched my students state test scores and district assessment reading scores soar after implementing guided reading and the activities that I use! I hope you can experience some of that success too.
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