Friday, January 25, 2013

FREE MATH LESSON - “I Have, Who Has? Place Value 5.NBT.1 (freebie)”

by Kimberly Quinn
4th - 5th Grade

I Have, Who Has? activities are a simple way to review a concept with your students. Traditionally the game is played with the whole class (see below for variations). 

This game is aligned with the 5th grade Common Core (5.NBT.1)

Print out on card stock and laminate for durability. 
Cut out the individual cards.
These look great printed on light blue card stock.

Whole class activity:

Pass out a card to each student. Given the class size you may need to give more than one card to some students. (Each card must be used for the activity to work.)

Pick a student to start. Have the student read their card aloud. The student who has the answer to the first card reads their card next. The last student to read their card should connect back to the first card that was read.

Variations – When first introducing this game to your class it is helpful to photocopy several copies and have the students work on them in small groups. Have them line up the cards making sure the last card connects back to the first. This helps reinforce the concept being reviewed while getting the students familiar with how the game works.

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