Sunday, January 27, 2013

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Birthday Activity”

by Rikki Lee
PreKindergarten - 3rd Grade

For this birthday activity, you have two options: first you could print page 2 and have the birthday child cut it out. Or option 2, you could have the birthday child cut out page 3 and color it to their liking. 

Page 4 are sparkle statements. I place one strip on each child’s desk. They have to write a sparkle statement to that child on their birthday. I tell the kids I don’t want them to write Suzy is nice. I want them to think of good qualities about that specific child. We usually have a lesson before. 

Then when they are finished with their sparkle statement they bring it to my back table. I usually do this first thing in the morning. I make the strips into a chain. I attach the chain to the picture of the cake. 

This is a way of celebrating that child. My students have always loved this activity. I would recommend printing this activity on cardstock. It's pretty flimsy if you don't.

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