Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Anti-Bullying Song -- Teaches that bullies are boring. Funny teen vocal. Scary Guy”

by I am Bullyproof Music
2nd - 6th Grade

Bullies are a yawn. Teen Zoe makes her point brilliantly in this highly amusing anti-bullying empowerment tune. Our tune "Scary Guy" teaches students how to bullyproof themselves with humor. This song easily leads to character education SEL classroom discussions around choosing more wisely the company we keep. Why hang out with dreary people? Positivity is a whole lot more fun. Bully be gone! 

(c) 2012 Words and music to "Scary Guy" by Lessia Bonn
for I am Bullyproof Music 
Vocal by crew girl, Zoe, 16
Background vocals/keyboard; Lessia Bonn

fun trivia; Our drummer, Bucket, also plays for Alicia Keys and Justin Timerlake! He's a hoot.

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