Friday, May 17, 2013

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Activity: In Honor of Soldiers - Every One: A Veteran's or Memorial Day Project”

by Connie
6th - 12th Grade

This is an activity to honor and remember all military personnel who died in battle (Memorial Day), and all men and women, living or deceased who served in the military (Veteran’s Day). Students select a book to read from the list provided, or one that they choose. After they read the book, they complete two projects: one more visual, and the second where they write a letter to an active duty soldier (websites are given for addresses).

Teachers can also use the activities in this posting if they are reading a military-based book as a class (example: All Quiet on the Western Front-Remarque, The Red Badge of Courage-Crane, or The Things They Carried- O'Brien).

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