Saturday, May 11, 2013

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “We Need Plants and Plants Need Us!”

by  Susan Cahalane
1st - 3rd Grade

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**My 4/7/13 blog post has this freebie posted.
Make an easy, fun craftivity illustrating how we exhale carbon dioxide which plants need and how plants produce oxygen which we need! The only thing you will need for this craftivity are brads. Packet includes:

pages 2-3 - Student worksheet entitled "What do plants need?" showing how plants need water, carbon dioxide, sun. Provided in color as well as black and white. 

pages 4-8- - Student craftivity with movable wheel illustrating how humans exhale carbon dioxide necessary for plants and plants produce oxygen necessary for humans. Provided in color as well as black and white. Photo of student's work is also provided so you can view finished product.

Thank you!! 
Sue :)

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  1. Hi Victoria! I always get great ideas from your blog - thanks so much for featuring one of my science freebies!

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