Thursday, May 16, 2013

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Let’s Build: A Plant Cell”

by A House Called Home
4th - 8th Grade

This plant cell activity will help your students identify the 10 main organelles that make up a plant cell. They identify the organelle by sight, by name, and by function.

The organelles included are:
*cell wall
*cell membrane
*endoplasmic reticulum
*Golgi body

This file includes a picture, name tag and function tag for each of the ten organelles. Students choose a color (or can be assigned a color) for each one and color the picture, name tag and function tag that color. They then pick a different color and move on to the next organelle. Finally they cut all the parts out and paste them together to make a plant cell they can reference when studying for the unit or semester assessment.

My anchor chart version of this product can be found here: Let's Build: A Plant Cell Anchor Chart

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  1. This says free, but when I go to it, it says $3.00. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Hi, no you are not doing anything wrong. Sometimes TpT sellers create a product and give it to potential buyers for free, but then after a certain period of time decides to make it a priced product. Look to the right hand side of this blog and hopefully you will find a free product you may use.