Sunday, December 29, 2013

FREE MATH LESSON - “Finding the Slope of Two Points on a Graph - Scavenger Hunt {FREE}”

by ChiliMath
8th - 10th Grade

Get your students engaged and moving around while learning how to find the slope when two points are given on a graph. Who likes sitting around for the entire period? As a teacher, it’s wonderful to see students move around the classroom, learn, and be engaged at the same time! 

Activity: Scavenger Hunt
Topic/Skill: Finding the Slope of Two Points on a Graph

*Set contains 12 game cards with recording sheet and answer key

How to Play:
- Scatter the cards around the classroom and give each student/group a copy of the answer sheet.
- Assign or have them pick any card to start with. 
- Before answering the problems, have students copy the symbols first which can be found on the upper right corner of each card. 
- After solving each problem, students will then look or “hunt” for the next card that contains the answer from the previous problem. Each problem should have an answer that will lead them to the next card to work on.
- They will keep repeating the process until they have solved sixteen (16) problems or have gone back to the first card they started with.
- You may ask the students to show their solutions on paper and staple them with the answer sheets. You may check their answers using the answer key provided.
Make sure to cut and laminate the cards so you can use them many times.

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