Sunday, December 22, 2013

FREE MISC. LESSON - “New Year’s Goal Setting Koosh Ball Activity for the SMARTboard”

by Runde’s Room
3rd - 10th Grade

Let your students throw balls in the classroom! In this notebook file for your SMARTboard, students can aim at and throw a koosh ball, bean bag, etc. at a New Year's image on the home page. Each icon on the first page links to a different slide in the file. Each linked slide contains a question about goal-setting or New Year's resolution that the student has to answer. The first page also contains an animated image for added interest. At the bottom of each linked page is a New Year's hat to bring you back to the home page. Note: if students throwing balls at the SMARTboard gives you heart palpitations, the icons can also be pressed in the old-fashioned  way ;).

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