Sunday, December 20, 2015

"Language Arts" - Playing Uno with Vowel-Consonant-e Syllables

by Reading on Strawberry Lane (Amanda Trump)

Grades K-3

This game gives student exposure to vowel-consonant-e syllable words. A vowel-consonant-e syllable is one of the six syllable types in reading. The definition of a vowel-consonant-e syllable word is a word whose vowel sound is long, followed by a consonant, and then followed by the letter –e. The V-C-e syllable is also known as the “magic e” or “sneaky e” or “silent e” syllable pattern. The game cards includes words spelled with all the vowels in conjunction with common phonograms such as, -ace, -ame, -ane, -ape, ect. . . The game is played just like UNO. There are Draw 2, Reverse, Skip, Wild, Wild 4 cards, and 150+ vowel-consonant-e syllable word cards in the deck.

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