Sunday, December 13, 2015

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “How to Haiku, Japanese Poetry Form Worksheet for Grades 5-12, FREE!”

by Laura Randazzo
5th - 12th Grade

Teach your students the simple pleasure of haiku poetry. This worksheet provides a brief overview of the haiku technique, three examples of well-written haiku, and three opportunities for students to create their own original poems inspired by compelling nature photography. 

Perfect for any poetry unit, use this worksheet to introduce the traditional haiku 5-7-5 structure. As students work individually, I like to project the full-color images from the worksheet on the white board to inspire them with the beautiful nature scenes. After the poems are written, students form groups of three or four and share their poems in the small groups, deciding which one of their original poems to share with the class. A quick presentation by each group is the final step to complete this 45-minute lesson. Finally, if time allows and your students have access to the internet (I allow my kids to use their smartphones/devices and/or my classroom computers for this part), I have them find out what their first names look like written in Japanese. This free website is a great tool to show your students what their names look like using the phonetic katakana Japanese alphabet. I make my students write the katakana of their names (as best as they can, anyway) on the back of their haiku worksheets. It's always fun for them to try this out!

Be sure to also check the download file folder for a special meme image designed to give English teachers (and teens) a good chuckle. 

This FREE product includes:
1-page student worksheet (PDF)
3-slide Powerpoint to display images while students work, if you wish
1 meme image which you may (or may not) want to share with your class (JPG)

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