Friday, August 14, 2015

  Back To School Reflections -  Printable Award Work Sheets

  Art Action - Laurie Carpenter

  Grades 1-5

  Visual Arts and Language Arts integration: "LanguageART"

Talk about positive reinforcement in your you know, it is so important! Getting an award or giving an award makes anyone feel good, and this product gives so many opportunities for those "happy feelings"!

Kick off the year as back to school activities, use through out the year as individual or group awards and work sheets, or save some for positive stokes at the end of the school year. Your choice!

Children have an opportunity to give awards, as well as the teacher...thus, getting EVERYONE involved and feelin' good! The printable lesson teaches your class to care about others, give positive strokes, interact with each other, work independently, feel good about themselves, and brainstorm creatively.

These opportunities are provided through motivational printed work sheets for quiet, independent, seat work, with very little teacher prep time. The product will provide both language arts. writing, composition, and art experiences. Students will need to think, imagine, create, and share thoughts with each other.

Created in black and white for economical printing. Students are given the option of adding color and individual embellishment.

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