Saturday, August 15, 2015

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “ Free Independent Reading Record”

by Secondary Strategies
5th - 12th Grade

Free! This is the first Freebie brought to you by my store: Maryann Saylor - Secondary Strategies. I hope you enjoy using it with your students! If you do, please give it a positive rating! (And if you have a question or suggestion, please let me know.)

How many stars would you give the last book you read?

Designed to promote independent reading with an emphasis on Author's Purpose and Main Idea, this document gives students a chance to record their reading progress, difficulties they encountered along the way, and what they did to resolve them. There is also a space for unfamiliar words, and a short reflective writing. Your students will engage in an analytical and metacognitive activity post reading resulting in a deeper connection to their independent reading materials and a source of data for your records. 

Note: This handout is two sided. The front pages--with the graphics--are identical (with the exception of the graphics.) This allows you to select the handout with just the right graphic (or graphics--if you'd like your students to have a choice) for your class. The back of the handout is identical. Use the back included with all four of the front pages. 

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