Sunday, February 21, 2016

English Language Arts Lessons~Inference & Writing Lessons

Picture This!

Inference & Writing Lessons

by First Grade Diva Creations

This resource encourages students to access their background knowledge, make inferences, and write stories where the illustration supports the text. These are all very important reading strategies that will help your students in the area of reading comprehension. 
The seven pictures are full of spring whimsy! They are sure to keep your students engaged!

1. Seven illustrations. Each illustration is intended to be used as a standalone activity. As students progress through the illustrations, they gain a deeper understanding of how illustrations support the story. The detail in the illustrations leads to great class discussion. (This resource is potentially seven lessons.)

2. There are two graphic organizers designed to focus on activating a student’s schema and their ability to look for evidence in the illustrations.

3. Two additional graphic organizers are provided to assist students in describing characters, settings, and events in their stories before they begin writing.

4. Themed writing paper can be printed to go with any/all of the illustrations.

This resource is low prep, high engagement, and wildly creative for your students. It’s perfect for shaking off the winter blues this spring. You will love watching as students use their critical thinking skills.

First Grade Diva Creations

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