Monday, February 15, 2016

LANGUAGE ARTS- For the Love of Reading-A Growing Bundle to Help Your Students Grow as Readers

For the Love of Reading


Thank you for going on this reading adventure with me!
I do not claim to be a reading expert.  I am evolving as a reading teacher. (Aren’t we all?) I have the same struggles as all classroom teachers.

How do I get my struggling students reading fluently with comprehension? 
How do I insure the best readers in my class get a year’s worth of growth too? 

These resources are not meant to be a complete reading curriculum, but rather an enhancement to the amazing things you are already doing in your classroom.
This is a collection of the reading resources that I have created for my own classroom. They have sat on my computer for years. They were created to meet a specific need for students in my actual classroom.  As I polish them up for you and your students, I will add them to this resource. I also have lots of new ideas that I will be creating, and they will be added to this resource too. If it makes sense to bundle some of my already published resources to this resource, I will add them periodically too. 

Is there something you need for your students? 
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