Sunday, March 13, 2016

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS-Planting the Seeds of Poetry!

Planting the Seeds of Poetry

by First Grade Diva Creations

Be Ready for National Poetry Month in April!

Encouraging a love of poetry for first through third graders.

I have just recently fallen in love with teaching poetry! 
It is an incredible tool to build fluency in my primary readers. In the past, I have struggled to get my students to read a text with appropriate rate and expression on successive readings.
Poetry has changed that in my classroom. 
I add a poem a week to my students’ poetry notebooks.  My students keep their poetry notebooks in their book buckets. They read them all week, and then, on Friday, we have a time where they can perform poems from their poetry notebooks. (Perform is defined as anything from acting out the poem to simply having the courage to stand and read a poem in front of the class.) It warms my heart to see them practicing reading their poems at the appropriate rate and with expression. This has become one of my favorite times of the week.  

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First Grade Diva Creations

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