Saturday, November 19, 2016

Free Thanksgiving Compare and Contrast Activity

There are a lot of different stories about the first Thanksgiving, and they are sometimes contradictory about who was there and what was eaten. 

History tells us that the feast actually lasted for 3 days.  Can you imagine all the food you eat on that one Thursday going on for 2 more days?   I can't.  

Many years ago I worked with a man whose family was Italian.  Their feast was always amazing, as he described it, but certainly not what the original settlers ate.

Being able to explain how things are the same (compare), are different (contrast), and why (explain) is a skill we practice in language intervention.  Being able to see, describe, and explain the critical features of two different objects, actions, or events is a critical language skill.

You can read the brief narrative to the students and/or show them the Venn diagram.  Then have them practice telling one thing about how the meals were the same and different.

You can also have students practice writing sentences or a paragraph.

However you choose to use it, the activity will build on students' language skills.  Have fun, and keep on talking!


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