Saturday, November 12, 2016

Making Life Science Biology Accessible To All Students! Special Education - Peggy Simpson

As a special education teacher, we are expected to teach EVERYTHING!  Have a student that needs a Visual And Performing Arts class - we provide it!  Have a student that needs Algebra 2 - we provide it!  Economics, History, Government, all English, all remedial, all English Language Development classes (and don't forget P.E. and all other electives)  - we provide it!  We take special classes (year upon year) to become "highly qualified" in every subject known to mankind - and it's all good!  Except when we get that "one" kid who needs just one credit in Biology/Life Science and we don't have a science background - in fact, science has always been a little confusing to us and we aren't even sure of "what" the kids are supposed to know.

This becomes a huge problem when we are not on a mainstream campus.  Or,  even if we are housed at a mainstream school, we get put in a crappy little shack, over the railroad tracks, behind the beautiful modern new school - where only the intrepid travel.  And, you know, your student (for whatever reason) is not welcome in the regular bio/life science class (or, you don't even have a regular bio/life science class at your site) - but your student MUST HAVE one more credit in bio/life that calls for a "frog dissection." What do you do?

If you have lots of free time (I'm being facetious) you may begin to do research and realize that procuring (and disposing) of said frog will cost around $50 bucks (per frog mind you).   You wonder if you could just get a frog from the local pond - don't do it!  You stress (rightly so) on how in the "heck" you could ever think about giving "this" kid needles, a scapel, etc. (and "where" exactly does one "buy" a scapel?).  Not to add any pressure, but you know you have to show "proof" that your student has met this goal/standard by the 30-Day Review IEP.  Failure is not an option!  What are you going to do?

The bundle I offer above is for such a teacher.  It is growing, affordable (the cost of each quiz is less the $1.50) and it covers all the "stuff" that you need to teach a bio/life science class (with mostly editable text; thus, you can adjust wording, question order, etc.).  Each quiz has video links and detailed answers.  Each quiz is differentiated (the student can go "deep" or "shallow" depending on time/interest/etc.) and it gets the job done!  Each quiz is also designed for a "non-science" teacher to be able to follow along with the student.  This design allow you (the teacher) to stay one step ahead and learn the science basics.

There are some fun activities and easy labs (not a lot of "stuff" needed) as I'm assuming that you are teaching as I am and have no lab.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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