Friday, December 9, 2016

Counting by twos, phrasing, fluency, and the meaning of quotation marks - with reindeer!

Counting reindeer by 2s; fun, phrasing & fluency & SHOWING what quotation marks mean! 

 Have you ever noticed how perfectly the Santa's reindeer and Rudolph stories lend themselves to teaching kids about counting by twos? The reindeer are paired up in the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer song and in Santa's famous line at the end of the classic story Twas the Night Before Christmas

The teachable moment is just sitting in front us begging to be used! 

Here is a phrasing and fluency reader that can be used as a math resource as well. It can be sung to the tune of Ten in the Bed, and even if students are not familiar with the song, they do catch on to the simple melody quickly and enjoy the repetition. They also hear how certain words fall together naturally to create phrases. 

The black and white version uses speech bubbles where there are quotation marks used in the color edition. 

10 at the Sled - Counting by 2s, visual for teaching about quotation marks, phrasing and fluency reader!

Drawing students' attention briefly to this is a great visual way to help them consolidate why and when quotation marks are used.

I am finding that with this year's students, this concrete approach has made a huge difference.

We compare my color copy with their black and white copy and discuss how quotation marks and speech bubbles really serve the same purpose. *Lightbulb moment*!
The tone, expression (and curiously deep voices) they use when reading the 'spoken' lines are hilarious! But clearly, meaningful to them!

10 at the Sled is also available as part two bundles! Check out the links on the product page!

Best wishes to all of you for the holiday season!

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