Tuesday, March 7, 2017

An Opportunity You Won't Want to Miss - Create Awesome Teaching Materials with Great Graphics from iCLIPART.com

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 
                                                                                                                   — Nelson Mandela

For educators, the nurturing of young minds is a two-part focus. Obviously, teachers are charged with instilling knowledge about academic subjects, social mores, and ethics.  It is, however, their ability to inspire learning that’s most important. Capable, imaginative, and enthusiastic teachers will look for ways to motivate their young charges and subsequently foster a desire in them to acquire infinite knowledge.

Since children are uniquely different, from the tip of their toes to the top of the head, in personality and intelligence,  a one-size-fits-all style of teaching is far from effective. Finding a way to rouse students from intellectual lethargy and ensure they understand the lesson means teachers must employ creativity and ingenuity to reach those young minds, using not just words but worksheets, assignments, and lesson plans designed to stimulate.

This is true regardless of the level of study. Whether it’s an early childhood educator, a middle-school teacher, or an instructor at the secondary school level, they will put all of their energy and experience into finding ways to encourage their students to find a love in learning. Even the best of them, however, will run dry from time to time. When this happens online resources, such as TeachersPayTeachers  are there to help out with prepared lessons, worksheets, and presentations to be shared.

No teaching materials, however, would be complete without great graphics. The power of images is a much-ballyhooed subject. People are attracted to the visual, a reality that marketing and media have used to full advantage. It’s also a fact, then, that wise teachers will understand the need to use captivating images in their projects, too, and will be happy to focus extra energy on finding them.

One of the best online resources for clipart, photos, fonts, sounds, animations, and video is  iCLIPART.com. With over 8 million images, this subscription graphics service provides fantastic diversity. What's also exciting about the website, though, is that it offers a Professional subscription for anyone interested in creating digital worksheets, documents, or presentations intended for multiple distribution.  It's perfect, therefore, for people involved in the creation of online educational materials. 

What does this mean for Teachers Pay Teachers sellers? For a minimal investment of $295 a year,  they can have access to some of the web’s best clipart. Their membership allows them to download as many images as they need to use in their projects during the length of their subscription. 

The usage is only limited by imagination. There are wonderful illustrations to  enrich and enliven the teaching materials sellers create. The iCLIPART.com content can also be used for the creation of  effective covers and the site’s print-quality photographs are perfect for Pinterest pinning. 

People interested in learning more about this resource can take a look around the site before purchasing a subscription. No content is hidden.  In addition to the extensive inventory, the website offers a number of options to help users in their searches, including the ability to exclude words, and to search within selected categories or by specific artists. 

Since we all understand the importance of education and of finding ways to ensure today’s young people have the best tools possible to help them learn, iCLIPART.com is happy to offer teachers 20% off the purchase of a new subscription. Use the "TPT20" code or contact bizdev@vitalimagery.com.

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