Friday, March 31, 2017

FREE MISC. LESSON - “ESL Math Fun! (Spanish, French, Korean, Vietnamese etc, 74 pp)”

4th - 12th Grade


A READING LIST or long, handy vocabulary of math words such as angle, base, coordinate, diameter, exponent, hypotenuse, length, mode, pi, rhombus, scalene triangle, squared, trapezoid, variable, and width.

The words appear with definitions, often with diagrams too, in English, Spanish, as well as an easy phonics system to help Spanish readers pronounce the English; elsewhere is a short list of Chinese math words (see farther below)

a page with biographies of three famous women in mathematics including Ada Lovelace after whom the yearly Ada Lovelace Day is named which promotes women in math careers;

two word searches (each 1 page) for words in the Reading list from A-C, for example: acute angle, ángulo agudo; add, sumar; addend, sumando; arc, arco; arithmetic, aritmética; average, promedio, bar graph, gráfico de barra; bisect, bisector; carry, traer; chart, table; cubed, elevado al cubo; cube root, raíz cúbica;………etc

two fun word searches for D-E; (1 page) 
two word searches for F-M; (1 page) 
two word searches for N-T; (1 page) 
one word search and one cryptogram for U-Y (on 1 page together)

MATH PROBLEM PRINTABLES: (by cut-and-paste you can create endless other math exercises as handouts:

General math operations: add, subtract, multiply, divide, mixed
Areas: square, rectangle, circle, triangle, ellipse 
Decimals: add, subtract, multiply, divide 
Fractions: add, subtract, multiply, divide, mixed
Powers: Squaring: add, subtract, multiply, divide, mixed
Operations With Cubed Numbers: add, subtract, multiply, divide, mixed, cubed and squared numbers
Algebra: add, subtract, multiply, divide, mixed
Positive and Negative Numbers: add, subtract, multiply, divide, mixed
Statistics (basic definitions/illustrations for mean, mode, median, probability, combinations)
X, Y Graphing (students use photos of famous men/women mathematicians to determine the coordinates of each)

Math Words For Chinese (ESL/ELL) Students....These 30+ key words are in English, mainland/Mandarin Chinese characters, Pinyin and with approximations of the Chinese pronunciations to help English speaking teachers; there is a handy link to get even more math words in Chinese;

30+ Key Math Words in other languages including: French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Laotian/Lao, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Swahili, Swedish, Swahili, Turkish, Vietnamese..... 

Geeky Formulas Bingo (a fun mixture of formulas for everyday math such as conversion from Fahrenheit to Centigrade and vice verse to one by Einstein and one by Newton)

Certificate Of Completion (1 page)

Both you and the kids will love this packet. It's an indispensable tool for helping prepare all students for math common core standards and it also lets any ESL/ELL students more quickly become math literate so as not to miss out on such important content material.

You will love seeing your students working with this as happy as honeybees.

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**NOTE RE CCSS: The author of this publication mentions and is supportive of educational standards such as the Common Core State Standard are or are meant in the supportive spirit thereof, and are not to state or imply any endorsement, approval or sanction by the afore-mentioned. Standards that were written and developed by the National Governors’ Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers © Copyright 2010. Any use of descriptions, summaries, text, words or phrases (e.g. “aligned with” or “aligned to” also simply mean in the supportive spirit of, and are not to state or imply endorsement. 

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