Monday, March 13, 2017

FREE MATH LESSON - “Algebraic Terms/Fractions: Finding the GCF & LCM Using a Venn Diagram - FREE!”

by Scipi - Science and Math
5th - 9th Grade

This free resource begins with the definitions for the words factor, greatest common factor and least common multiple. After finding the GCF, how to find the least common multiple is explained and demonstrated by using the same Venn Diagram. A step-by-step example is given, followed by two student practice problems. Three blank two circle Venn Diagrams are included. 

Also incorporated into this resource is how to use the two circle graphic organizer to factor out the Greatest Common Factor for polynomials or algebraic terms. A detailed example is provided to show how this same process can be used in algebra. 

What if there are three numbers? A three circle Venn Diagram would be used. Two blank, three circle Venn Diagrams are added to the resource so that the students can practice. An answer key is included. 

If you like this free version, you might wish to purchase the original 16 page resource.

Algebraic Terms and Fractions - Finding the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple Using a Venn Diagram

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