Wednesday, September 6, 2017

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Social Skills Activities: Perspective Taking and Problem Solving Unit Freebie”

by Looks Like Language
2nd - 5th Grade

Taking perspectives, solving problems, emotion and character trait vocabulary all in fun, easy to use sets! I know my students have problems in all of these areas, so each packet builds these skills in each problem scenario. Now you can try out one unit, "Getting Work Done" for FREE and see if it is right for you! The half page format will let you easily view the PDF on your device as a basis for discussion, just printing the worksheets. Or you can print the entire set and format it as separate booklets or as large task cards!

This FREE scenario includes pages for:
*a vocabulary pre/post: 2 emotions and 2 character traits
*a pictured scenario with the basic problem of getting organized to do your work that leaves it open for your students to provide details that are meaningful to their lives
* vocabulary definition cards
* tell the emotion and explain why
explain the problem and tell what the characters could be thinking
* follow the steps to solve the problem
tell what they could say to solve the problem
* tell what they could be thinking when the problem is solved 
* tell the emotions and write about a similar experience
* multiple choice vocabulary worksheet
* a worksheet for sharing an experience with this common classroom problem and how it was resolved

The complete packet includes additional pages. Try it out and see if it is right for you! If you like it, kind feedback is appreciated! Thanks for stopping by! Linda@Looks-Like-Language

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Social Skills Activities: Social Skills Activities: Emotions, Traits, Perspectives, Problem Solving Bundle

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