Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wednesday Weekly 5 Under $5 - 2/5/20

Every week I put together a list of 5 great products from members of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative (TBOTEMC) with the requirement that each product must be less than $5.  With a variety of subjects and a wide range of grades, there just might be something that you can use, so continue to read below and see!

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By Mickey's Place
Grammar, Vocabulary; Grades K-3

The purpose of the Contraction Puzzles with a winter theme, is to give students a way to practice this skill with manipulatives. The students can use the easiest puzzles first, the ones with a winter shape, to help them gain confidence in their skill. The second set of cards can be differentiated by contraction family. It will help them with learning the connection between the two words that make up a contraction with the actual contraction word. 58 puzzles included.

By Scipi - Science and Math
Math; Grades 4-8

Valentine Fractions is not a “drill and kill” fraction activity, but instead is a five page resource that is a fun and engaging way for students to be involved and focused while reducing fractions to lowest terms. Check out this great product and mix the joy of the Valentine's Day holiday with the important content of your math classroom!

By Urbino12
ELA/ESL/ENL; Grades PreK-8

Perfect resource for Valentine's Day! This game may be played three different ways. It includes a teacher script to start you off, a black and white version, a colorful version, heart themed markers to play the game and a Happy Valentine's Day sign to display in your classroom. Ideal for PreK-8 ENL, Special Ed or Mainstream classes.

Social Studies - History; Grades K-3

Learn about the famous American: George Washington, famous Americans James Madison & Thomas Jefferson and learn more about the first U.S. president, George Washington, and the new government. Students will learn through text, links to vocabulary words, and activities! Great for homeschool or enrichment! Grades K-3.

By Reading Spotlight
Reading, Phonics; Grades 2-5

Are your students having difficulty with less common vowel combinations and silent letters? This game is so much better than another boring phonics workbook page! The simple, repetitive, and enjoyable format uses the latest brain research which indicates that humans remember in patterns. It focuses not only on the recognition of cluster patterns, but also on the oral production of the words. It helps ingrain the clusters for later automatic recognition in reading and spelling. Enjoyable! Effective! Easy To Use!

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