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100+ Free Lessons & Teaching Ideas By Teacher Talk - 2018

Enjoy 100+ free lessons and teaching ideas from members of Teacher Talk who are a part of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative.
Teacher Talk members write educational blog posts throughout the year. This free eBook contains all of the links of the 2018 Teacher Talk blog posts. It also contains links to thousands of other free lessons you may use in your classroom.
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January Teacher Talk Blog Posts
• Problem Students Got You Down? Begin the New Year Right, With These Discipline Tips
• Lessons Learned With Miss Brooke
• The Mini-Lesson: A Natural Scaffold For Struggling Learners
• A How-To Guide on Writing Conferences
• The Five Reasons You Should Be Using Book Clubs as Part of Your Classroom Reading Program
• What About Social Studies?
• New Year, New Goals
• Is Your Child Afraid of Going to the Doctor?
• It’s a New Year…Time to Reflect for Success
• So Your Kids Don’t Like Pop Quizzes? Too Bad!
February Teacher Talk Blog Posts
• Navigating Life as a Single Dad
• I Dreaded My Third Period Class
• Is This Routine? Why Not?
• Improving Class Cooperation
• Amazon Alexa in the Classroom
• Add Projects to Your Bag of Tricks!
• Building Understanding, One Brick at a Time
• How to Select Books for Your Classroom Book Clubs
• The Fine Motor Advantage
• March is Reading Month: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Circus!
• Adding Fun to Your Guided Reading Lessons
March Teacher Talk Blog Posts
• It’s March…Let’s Go Fly a Kite
• Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck Using a Classroom Economy System
• Digging Deeper for Role Models
• Texas Teachers - Do you know that the Science TEKS have changed?
• March Madness
• Integrating STEAM into Literacy Night
• The Fine Motor Advantage: Nuts and Bolts
• Finally Understanding Fractions
• How to Support Struggling Readers During Book Clubs
• Being a Good Communication Partner to a Child Who Uses AAC
• No Curriculum? No Problem. How I Cover My Daily 2nd Grade Lesson
April Teacher Talk Blog Posts
• Tone
• The Hidden Curriculum
• STEAM: From Sandbox to Spectacular
• C-Stem
• Four Essential Writing Readiness Skills
• The Teacher’s Role in Classroom Book Clubs
• Peer Edit With
May Teacher Talk Blog Posts
• Pack a Super Summer Kit
• How to Keep Your Class Engaged Through the End of the Year
• Mad Tea Party Mother’s Day Tea
• He Can’t? I Bet He Can!
• Tales From a Teacher: The Light Bulb
• Summer Reading: What’s Hot? and What’s Cool?
• The Difference Between Giving Up & Knowing When You’ve Had Enough
• Why I Seek Help For My Classroom Book Clubs and Where I Find It
• Riddling for Geometry
• Save the Insects: Having Fun With Insects and Plants
• Beginning & End of the Year Frozen Leaf Activity
August Teacher Talk Blog Posts
• Qigong, the Healthy Body Routine That I Fell in Love With
• Integrating Contemporary Algerian R and B Music in the French Classroom
• August
• Back to School & the First Days’ Razzle Dazzle…Feathers & Sequins Not Necessary
• 3 Tried and True Tips to Start the Year Off Like a Boss!
• 4 Easy Steps to Master Buttoning
• Back to School 2018
• My Five Favorite Apps for the Classroom
• How to Close Read a Nover With Your Whole Class
• Common School Irritations
• First Week of School Activities
• Sorting the Kaleidoscope of Colors
• Students are Busy as Bees Earning Brag Bracelets
• Easy Ways to Reduce Your Grading
• How Can I Motivate My Students to Read More?
• The Language Strand of the Common Core Standards and English Language Learners
• Balanced Literacy Shared Reading
September Teacher Talk Blog Posts
• Here’s Help with Five Confusing Words
• Info, Info, Read All About It!
• The Hidden Power of a Classroom Read Aloud
• A Teachable Moment in History
• Once Upon a Time…Slaying Dragons & Story Problems
• Finding Life Mentors in Mentor Texts
• How Emma Learned to Read
• Sock It Away! What to Do With Those Annoying Cell Phones in the Classroom
• Do You Know Yuyi Morales?
• Teaching Children to Help with Household Chores
• Ultimate Teacher Self Care
• Letters Ff, Tt, Rr, and Ii - 26 Letters in 26 Days
• Writing Workshop - Tips & Tricks for Success
October Teacher Talk Blog Posts
• Halloween Spooks
• Bullies Not Welcome
• Tips on Using Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs
• Bring on FALL! We are READY!
• Interactive, Mentor & Read Aloud? Oh My! Choosing Your Next Read Aloud
• Be-Leaf Me! Fall is Great! Using Leaves in Science Investigations
• “I Spy” Collage Project
• Prefixes and Suffixes: Ready to Use Lesson Presentation
• Make the Connection! Getting Parents and Speech Pathologists to Work Together
• A Student I Will Never Forget
• Simple Ways to Build Relationships With Your Students
• All About Spelling: Independent Product Review
• DoK Questioning Strategies
November Teacher Talk Blog Posts
• Preserving History
• Politics, Elections & Voting, Oh My!
• Holiday Self Care
• It Depends on the Angle - Complementary and Supplementary Angles
• Why Does U Always Follow Q in English Spelling?
• Avoid Comparing Adjectives That Are Absolute
• Tips for Teaching How to Write a Literary Analysis
• Do You Know These Top 5 Core 2-Word Phrases?
• Free Art Deco Christmas Tree Coloring Pages to Support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
• Reasoning with Evidence & Persuasive Thinking
• No More, How Do You SPELL…? and a FREEBIE
December Teacher Talk Blog Posts
• Recycle Drinking Straws Into Christmas Creations
• An Ideal Gift
• Connect Kids to the Real World with PBL
• Qi Gong and Emotional Well Being
• Beware of Creating Sweeping Generalizations
• Poetry & Descriptive Reading and Writing: A Teacher’s Story of How “Fluff” Led to Rigor
• You Can Find Success With Your Challenging Class
• My Favorite Teaching Things
• From a Wanna Be Organizer
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