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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Anglo-Saxon (Old English) with Fun Learning Activities!”

6th - 12th Grade

This, as uploaded today 1/6/2016, begins with basic information about Anglo-Saxon which is also called Old English.

There’s a handy page with language background and pronunciation tips; a phrases/dialog section with: Hello, What’s your name?, I don’t understand, Again please, Thanks, What is that?, How much?, I want one, No , two, Yes, good; Where is a/the toilet?; Here, There; Goodbye.

Then come some additional extra vocabulary: woman, already, go, speak, in, house; man, see, much, food, and, water; hand, up, pain, medicine, money.

Next there is a grammar sketch as to word order, pluralization, articles. There are also handy links for finding additional vocabulary, grammar sketch, reference links;

A Concise Basic Dictionary Of Modern English and Anglo-Saxon (Old English);

Five fun, printable Word Search activities provide students plenty of practice with the targeted language and English. The Answer Keys are included;

Finally there are:

The Runic And Futhark Alphabets;

A Short Sample Of Anglo-Saxon Or Old English;

Some Numbers;

There are also two Matching Tests over Anglo-Saxon (Old English) with the Answers Keys included.


MANY OF the products in my TpT store mention and support educational standards such as are used in various states, districts and also the Common Core State Standards written and developed by the National Governors’ Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers © Copyright 2010. The afore-mentioned do not endorse, sanction or approve this publication or any other publication/s by this author/publisher. Any use of “aligned with,” “aligned to” or the like simply mean in the supportive spirit of and again do not state or imply an endorsement.

REASONS TO CONSIDER PURCHASING FROM THIS STORE: 1. Tons of resources, 2. so much reusable over the years ahead, 3. buying it is more convenient than trying to make it yourself, 4. students enjoy the fun components they stay more on task learning, 5. most word searches have a format helping teach information with the words, 6. most resources’ have reading components tied into with other components making them more handy and helpful, 7. Attractive, professional looks, 8. Many resources with some Spanish to help ESL/ELL students to not be totally left out; 9. the prices are right; and, 10: you’ll love it your students stay busy learning like happy bees at the honey hive of knowledge, your classroom, even as they have in mine since these have been teacher and students-tested.

SPANISH used in some resources in my store is more the informal Latino Spanish actually used by most students from Latin America than the formal Castillian of Spain; so there are some differences in grammar, spelling and or vocabulary even as there are with American and British English.

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