Monday, November 30, 2020

Scientist of the Week Homework Assignment | Digital and Printable

 Are you looking for a quick and easy way to include science experiments in your classroom? This activity allows one student a week to be the "scientist" and present a simple experiment (about 5 minutes) to the class. I've included the letter to send home to parents with the sheets for the child to complete about his/her experiment. Easy way to incorporate science and the scientific method into your classroom!

I've done this many times in my classroom and it was so much fun! I even bought a lab coat from a local scrubs store and had "Scientist of the Week" put on it. Then each week the "scientist" got to wear the coat during his/her presentation! Adorable photo opportunity, too!

Students love this activity so much and they can name who did what experiment at the end of the year because it is so engaging! All the teacher has to do is teach the Scientific Method in class then simply explain this homework assignment and send it home with one student! So easy to implement, but the rewards are awesome!

**Newly REVISED! Bonus included: An example experiment that can be shared by the teacher with the class! Included digital version for distance learning!

This is an excellent homework activity to reinforce the Scientific Method.

I'd love to hear how it works for your students!


This resource would work for grades 1-5!


★★★What teachers are saying about this resource:

✎"What a fun and engaging way to teach the scientific method! This is going to be very motivating for my kids. It brings some fun back into the science classroom while keeping expectations high!" Sarah B.

✎"I can't wait to implement this next year, great resource for scientific method" Amanda H.

✎"My students love this activity. Everyone wants to be the "Scientist of the Week".Alecia W.

✎"this is an awesome product! it is such a fun and engaging way to teach the scientific method. thanks!" Brianna H.

✎"Each week, I am picking a student to be scientist of the week. They will then be exempt from their homework packet for that week, and will do this instead!!" Tracey L.

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