Saturday, May 15, 2021

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Digital Online Scavenger Hunt Google Compatible”

by Wise Guys
3rd - 5th Grade

The purpose of this activity is to engage your students as they are away from school. Students will earn points as they search and find ten different items where they live. Students are timed for each item. Points can be added when this interactive activity is complete. Colorful pictures and photos are included in this resource.

Included in this Resource:

  • Resource Link and Tips (2-pages)
  • Online Scavenger Hunt (15-pages; Google Slides™)

Examples of items to be found:

  • Toothbrush
  • Blue pen, crayon, or marker
  • Stuffed animal or toy
  • Toilet paper roll
  • And many more…

Why Use this resource?

  • This resource is paperless.
  • This resource is easily accessible using Google Drive™.
  • Students are highly engaged in their work.

Helpful Ideas & Uses:

  1. It may be a good idea to let family members know that this scavenger hunt activity is taking place.
  2. You will want to check to be sure the timers provide work for you. If they do not, you can easily remove them.
  3. This activity is intended for students to complete independently, but you could have students work with a remote partner.
  4. When the activity is complete, have your students create a list of a few items for others to find. This can extend the activity quite a bit.
  5. Be sure students return all items when they are done.

Downloading Resource:

  1. First off, if you haven’t created a free Google™ account, you will need to do that before downloading this digital resource. Each student will also need their own account.
  2. Download the resource from the document that you will receive. When you click on the link, you will come to a screen that says Copy document. In order to transfer this file to your own Google Drive™ account, click the blue button that says Make a copyNote: If you have several Google Drive accounts with multiple email addresses, make sure you take note which email address is selected in the top right corner of the screen so you can easily find the file in the future.


Since this product utilizes free web and app resources, there may be rare times that the technology does not work as planned, which may be out of our control. Please be sure to message us in the Q&A section so we can assist you before leaving feedback.

Google and Google Apps are trademarks of Google Inc. © 2015 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Wise Guys are not affiliated with and have not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Google Inc.

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