Wednesday, May 5, 2021

FREE MISC. LESSON - “FREE Middle Ages Clip Art”

by Finntastic Visuals
2nd - 12th Grade

This collection of Middle Ages Clip Art includes 12 high resolution images of medieval art based on real historical artefacts. The images include typical features of medieval life such as castles, knights, religious items and costumes. These designs are a great way to illustrate any resource on medieval art or life in the Middle Ages in a creative, authentic and engaging way.

The images have been carefully selected from public domain museum collections and turned into classroom-friendly clip art by selecting suitable details from different works of art, retouching low-quality images, removing bacgrounds etc.

The height of the images varies between approximately 3" and 6" (at 300 dpi) so they are a perfect size for handouts, worksheets, flashcards, power point -presentations etc.

If you would like to know more about the original artwork that has been used to create these designs or to confirm the public domain status of the original images, a full list of names, dates, geographic origins and artists (where applicaple) of each piece of art is included, complete with links to the original sources of the images.

Middle Ages Clip Art by Finntastic Visuals includes:

- 12 png. image files (300 dpi) with transparent backgrounds (see cover page and

thumbnails to see all images included)

- Credits pages (pdf) with information about dates, geographic origins and artists

(where applicaple) of the original artwork used to create the clip art images together

with links to websites where more info about the artefacts can be found

- Finntastic Visuals logo and TpT store link (png)

All feedback, comments and suggestions for new products are welcome. If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact me throught my TpT store or by emailing me at

You can download my terms of use for different product types here:

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Terms of Use:

Thank you for purchasing a clip art product created by Finntastic Visuals!

You MAY use these designs for any PERSONAL NON-COMMERCIAL classroom, crafting and creative projects and for COMMERCIAL educational products as long as you combine them with other things to create new works.

YOU MAY NOT share, resell or redistribute any products created by Finntastic Visuals or claim them as your own work, altered or unaltered.

You MAY NOT share, resell, or redistribute these designs as is (as a digital art file) in any way. This means you MAY NOT add these images to other clip art sets, digital collections, etc.

Some of the products created by Finntastic Visuals are based on real historical artefacts and works of art. These objects and original photos of them are public domain works that can be found online in different museum collections for free download. Finntastic Visuals does not own any intellectual property rights of the original images and when products based on public domain content are sold or shared by Finntastic Visuals, they are not endorsed by or affiliated with any of the institutions who have kindly made their resources available for everyone to use.

However, please note that when public domain content has been used by Finntastic Visuals, it has always been selected, modified and remixed to create separate derivate works. Copyright of all the changes made to the original images by Finntastic Visuals remains with Finntastic Visuals.

When you use designs by Finntastic Visuals in your own projects or create resources for sale, please give graphics credits with link to Finntastic Visuals:

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