Wednesday, September 28, 2022


by TheBrightestKid
8th Grade

A math test for number system and expressions and equations covering topics:

  • Rational and irrational numbers
  • Integer exponents
  • Square and cube roots
  • Scientific notification

Thinking of common core, this includes courses:

  • 8.NS.A.1 Irrational numbers, decimal expressions
  • 8.NS.A.2 Approximation of irrational numbers
  • 8.EE.A.1 Properties of integer exponents
  • 8.EE.A.2 Square and cube roots
  • 8.EE.A.3 Powers of 10, estimating large numbers
  • 8.EE.A.4 Scientific notation operations and conversions

Answers to all questions are included.

This free test is a demo version of a paid product, Math Test Set 8NSA1-8EEA4.

This free version is not in the paid package, but it's like the paid tests.

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