Monday, December 5, 2022

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “How to Make a Snowflake-Procedural Writing”

by 123kteach
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

How to Writing: Procedural Writing- Have your students sequence and write steps on how to make a snowflake. See my blog post on ways to introduce procedural writing to your students.

You may be want to check out my writing prompts on how to do a wide variety of things using first, next, then and last. You can make mini books or use these awesome writing prompt papers to get started. These products can be used throughout the year as there are how to books and prompts for every season.

If you would like to have your students complete these "How To"
sequencing events on a writing prompt on a single page without drawing illustrations, please see the following link:

How To Writing Prompts using First-Next-Then-Last

If you would like this product used in a mini book format in which students can sequence events and draw about it on each page, then see the following link:

How To Mini Books using First-Next-Then-Last

These products contains 18 different "How To" mini books/ prompts to include the following:

*How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
*How to Get Ready for School
*How to Make Cookies
*How to Build a Snowman
*How to Make a Bed
*How to Plant Seeds
*How to Make Lemonade
*How to Build a Sandcastle
*How to Make S'mores
*How to Wrap a Present
*How to Decorate a Christmas Tree
*How to Make Hot Chocolate
*How to Make a Cake
*How to Make Pizza
*How to Tie Shoes
*How to Ride your Bike
*How to Blow Bubbles
*How to Be A Good Friend

How To Writing Prompts using First-Next-Then-Last

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