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FREE MISC. LESSON - “FREE Questo o Quello Italian WINTER This or That Bell-ringers on Google Slides™”

by Italian Island by JoyceAnna D'Alessandro
8th - 11th Grade

Are you an Italian teacher who would like to have something interesting on the screen when your students walk in? You've been wanting to something quick but engaging for a bell-ringer but don't have the time to create one? Use this WINTER NO PREP GoogleSlides™ Presentation which contains 8 different slides each asking the question, Questo o Quello?

You can use this for:
✓Fostering community-building at the beginning of the course
✓An oral discussion at the beginning of class
✓A brain break - have students walk to different sides of the classroom to show their opinion.
✓A quick writing warm-up for your students. Make sure to have them explain perché if they are intermediate learners.
✓A classroom survey created with a selection of slides and then do a written summary as a class
✓A starting point for a friendly debate
✓An attendance bracket

✓Task cards

Easily import the slides into Peardeck(❤), Nearpod, Seesaw, or Desmos! No matter how you use them, you will be amazed at how strong an opinion each side will have!

◦•●◉✿ INCLUDED✿◉●•◦

  • Instructions Page
  • Ideas for how to level up student responses
  • 4 slides leveled up model responses
  • 8 Questo o Quello prompts on GoogleSlides™

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