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FREE MATH LESSON - “Valentines Shake & Spill Math Games: Part Whole Bar Models & Equations K, 1 2”

by Math Viking
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Build number sense and fact fluency together! Working on fluency within 5? Ways of making 10? Develop understanding of part part whole models, equations and the equal sign with 12 different scaffolded recording sheets to help you. This fun game is so easy to differentiate by the number of counters in a cup! Lots of options to challenge advanced learners and gently intervene with your less confident learners.


  • Directions
  • Tips
  • Images to spill on
  • recording sheets


  • Take home directions for parents!

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For a variety of images AND recording sheet options with traceable numbers, a variety of models and equation options- check out the Bakery Shake & Spill or the Christmas Shake & Spills...

They include-

12 different Recording Sheets

  • Part Part Whole models
  • models & equations
  • equations only
  • equations with the equal sign first (and support)
  • traceable numbers for 5 wholes and 10 wholes
  • scaled up large enough to work in page protectors with markers!!
  • small scale models too

Directions & Ideas Sheet With lots of support!

JUST ADD YOUR OWN Paper cups with counters for each small group of kids

**Or add plastic dimes to play with bigger numbers!

**Or write 2 on a bunch of foam counters and all quantities will be doubled! Reinforce counting by twos!

Thank you for exploring math with me!

Math Viking

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Please check out my store for MATH COACH DESIGNED RESOURCES to foster deeper understanding. Follow me for notifications about awesome new products and sales!

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