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Valentine's Day Vocabulary with English Learners πŸ’–

 Valentine’s Day is a fun and love-filled holiday that provides a great opportunity to teach English learners new vocabulary in a meaningful context. In this blog post, we’ll explore engaging ways to introduce Valentine’s Day terms using creative resources.

*Step 1: Start with Basic Vocabulary πŸ“š*

Valentine's Verbs Word Wall

Begin by introducing basic Valentine’s Day vocabulary using the “Valentine’s Verbs Word Wall”. Create flashcards with words like “charmed,” “love,” “adored,” and “smitten.” Use visuals and encourage learners to associate words with images for better retention.

*Step 2: Sentence Building with Writing Prompts ✏️*

Move on to sentence construction using the “Valentine’s Day Sentence Starters Word Bank Writing Prompts”. Encourage learners to build sentences related to Valentine’s Day using the provided prompts. This not only enhances vocabulary but also improves sentence structure.

*Step 3: Creative Expression through Art 🎨*

To reinforce learning, engage learners in a creative art activity. Ask them to draw or craft Valentine’s Day cards using the vocabulary they’ve learned. This hands-on approach enhances their understanding and allows for artistic expression.

By incorporating these steps and resources, English learners can not only grasp Valentine’s Day vocabulary but also actively use it in sentences and express themselves creatively.

Happy Teaching,

Let’s Teach! Lori

Valentine’s Day is not just about vocabulary and numbers; it’s also an opportunity for interactive and engaging activities. In this blog post, we’ll explore exciting ways to make English learning fun during the Valentine’s season.

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