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 Are you ready to end this ESL year off right? Imagine the convenience of having everything organized and prepared for your students. If you are teaching ESL look no further – introducing the ESL Year-long Curriculum Bundle

My ESL Year-long Curriculum Bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers includes everything you need to teach ELL students at all language levels and all domains; Listening, speaking, reading, writing. With units that are differentiated based on the language level, this resource can be used when working with:

✅ Newcomers

🍎 Beginning/early intermediate

✏️ Intermediate students

❤️ Early advanced and advanced students

What educators are saying

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This resource was a timesaver for planning. I liked that the work is clear and has a sequence. Students enjoyed working on the tasks.— I R.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’ve struggled to know exactly what to teach my English learners, now it’s at my fingertips. This ESL bundle contains so many resources clearly laid out by month and language level. — Jessica C.

What’s included?

Teaching ESL just got easier with pacing guides to last the entire school year! There are pacing guides with activities for each month! 🙌

ESL Year Long Bundle

ESL Year Long Bundle

Grab your bundle here and get ready for a great rest of your school year!

Vocabulary development tools that feature cross-content vocabulary 📕🔢

ESL Year Long Bundle

Sentence starter cards and writing sheets ✍

ESL Year Long Bundle

Graphic organizers to help students interact with the content 💭

ESL Year Long Bundle

Games to keep students engaged and give additional practice 🎲

Picture cards with real-life images to help students build vocabulary knowledge 🖼

Word Wall activities to help students practice vocabulary 🎴

ESL Year Long Bundle

…..and much more!

What educators are saying

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Awesome bundle! Lessons planned out by the month & language level. Easy to follow – well organized. I made folders to use as independent work. My ELs loved the activities & being productive! -Susan B.

Grab your bundle here and get ready for a great rest of your year! 

When teaching ESL the great thing about this Year-long Curriculum Bundle is how flexibly you can use it. Some ways that you can use it are for:

⭐ ELD/ESL pull-out classes
🍎ELD/ESL push-in classes
✅ Title I reading
🌹 Intervention classes
✏️ Centers
🤸‍♀️ Independent work time
📚 Whole class lessons
⭐ Small groups

ESL Year Long Bundle


Teaching ESL and differentiating

When talking to teachers, I always hear that one of the most difficult parts for them is planning for students that are at different language levels, especially their newcomers. The great thing about this bundle is that the differentiation is completed for you.

Students at all language levels can interact with these monthly resources. The targeted activities included in this ESL Year-long Curriculum Bundle were designed to help students continue growing on their language proficiency journey.


Take the time now to get organized and set yourself and your students up for success for the rest of the school year. I promise you’ll be so thankful you did. 

This is a year’s worth of lesson plans for all language levels and all language domains! Yay!

Don’t miss this chance to get organized and get prepared for the rest of the school year.

Click the picture below to check out this ESL Year-long Curriculum Bundle and save yourself some time:

Grab your bundle here and get ready for a great rest of your school year!

Ready, Set, Go!

Let’s Teach!



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