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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Sight Word Speed Drills”

by Cup of Curriculum
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Building sight word fluency just became easier! Get your students to read sight words with fluency in seconds. This FREEBIE SAMPLE is a taste of what is included in the entire product. It contains ALL 220 Dolch Sight Words for fluency practice. Great for center time, homework or assessment. This product is a companion to my series SIGHT WORDS: Practice Makes Perfect!


Sight words are organized by frequency in Lists 1-9. Each time the students read the page of sight words, they can color in a star. Green and red lines at each margin remind students to read from left to right. The yellow arrow, under the first 5 words, helps with directionality and defines the words for practice on each page. Every sight word practice page is followed by a REVIEW page to be used for assessment.

Student graphs are included so they may color in the bar graphs and see their sight word fluency improve each day. Teacher checklists are included so you may track each student’s progress throughout the year. Checklists and graphs are great for sharing at parent conferences or for intervention plans.


•Dolch Teacher Checklists for Lists 1-9

•Student Bar Graphs for Lists 1-9

•Dolch Speed Drill pages with 5 sight words on each practice page

•A Review page after each set of 25 words

•Green, Red and Yellow lines to assist students with directionality

CENTER IDEA: Laminate each page on card stock, or slip each page into a sleeve protector. Hole-punch each page and place in a binder for a center. Provide students with wipe off markers and a timer... and watch them learn!

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