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by Chrysti's Class
2nd - 6th Grade

This classroom "CHARACTER BUILDING" poster is 1 out of 10 Posters offered as part of a Character Building Themed book that comes in Print or Digital form. The other 9 posters focus on themes that include Kindness, Respect, Tolerance, Humility, Diversity, Acceptance, Equality, Courage. More posters are coming to help students make their classrooms, home, communities, and world a great place to be.


Zip: A Seal's Adventure in a Diverse Ocean

This illustrated book is about a young sea lion named, Zip, who blindly follows his friends in thinking that mammals are better than fish. They spend their time degrading and criticizing fish. Zip considers that his friends have gone too far when they call the fish of the deep ugly and dangerous without even knowing them. Zip's conscience tells him to find out for himself. Readers take the dangerous journey with Zip to deepest parts of the ocean and learn lots of life lessons along the way as well as grow their appreciation for our Oceans.

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