Tuesday, June 4, 2024

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Listen & Auditory Working Memory/Multi-Step Directions Practice Game BOOM FREE”

by Stress Less with Susan
2nd - 4th Grade

Use this working memory/multi-step directions practice game with "listen" cards for your OT/Speech/Special Ed students who struggle with working memory or following complex directions.

This fun and engaging auditory working memory practice game for students uses drag-and-drop cards which start with a single-step auditory cue, and each card adds one - going up to seven, so it can be challenging!

Each card keeps everything constant visually to minimize distractions and help them focus only on the directions.

There are three series in this Boom Cards Back to School Themed deck that provide interactive listening skills practice:

1: Arrive at school and put your things where they belong.

2. School is over, so put your things away where they belong.

3. The school bus is waiting! Line the kids up in the correct order.

For more of a challenge, grab the full version right here.

Encourage users to see how far they can get. If they only get a few cards in, that's OK! Try to get one more tomorrow!


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