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FREE MATH LESSON - “1st Grade Daily Math Spiral Review Digital Warm Up Morning Work 9 days FREE”

by Paula's Primary Classroom
1st Grade

Perfect for digital morning work or math warm up, this spiraling daily math resource will have your first graders engaged in practicing many CCSS math skills! It includes 9 days of math skills practice, one for each month of the school year. You'll love that they were made in Google Forms™ and are self grading!

This resource includes one page from each month of my Daily Math First Grade year long DIGITAL distance learning bundle for Google. It was created with Google Forms™ and is meant to be shared with your students with Google Classroom™ or Google Drive™. When you download, you will be prompted to copy these assessments into your own Google Drive™ folder, which you can then share with students so they can practice and review important math skills.

You can immediately see student results, including:

  • item by item analysis of the students' work,
  • individual responses for each student,
  • a spreadsheet with all of your students' answers.

With this resource your students will:

  • -work on addition and subtraction word problems, and will use number lines, 10 frames, number bonds and base 10 blocks to help solve them,
  • -fill in the missing numbers from number sequences,
  • -identify 2D shapes,
  • -identify addition and subtraction problems as true or false,
  • -review number pairs that total ten as a strategy in adding 3 numbers,
  • -identify numbers (up to 120) represented by base 10 blocks, and tell how many groups of hundreds, tens and ones in those numbers,
  • -use base ten blocks to subtract multiples of 10 from larger multiples of 10 (ie 26-10),
  • -sequence 3 items by size,
  • -from a 2 digit number students will +1, -1, +10 and -10,
  • -measure with non-standard units,
  • -interpret graphs with 3 categories, finding most, least, fewest, how many in a category, and the numerical difference between 2 categories,
  • -read tally marks,
  • -determine if 2 equations are < > =,
  • -put 3 numbers in order from least to greatest,
  • -determine the unknown number in addition and subtraction problems,
  • -compare and identify halves and quarters.

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