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😎 Summer Activities for ESL Students 🀸‍♀️

During the summer break, it’s fantastic for kids who are learning Eng keep practicing their language skills while having fun. I’ve put together some cool summer activities for them to do every day that will help them get better at reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English. Besides, I’ve found some neat websites, apps, and online stuff they can use to make learning English even more fun and interactive. It’s a great way to make sure they keep improving even when school’s out!


Summer Activities for Reading:

Let’s spark a passion for reading by recommending exciting books, both in English and in the languages your students speak at home. Many libraries have cool summer reading programs that inspire kids to try out new kinds of books and win prizes. You could set up a fun reading challenge where students can keep track of all the books they read during the break and share their favorites when school starts again. It’s a great way to keep their love for reading alive even when they’re not in class!

Online Summer Resource Recommendation:

  • Epic! ( This digital library offers a vast collection of books for children of all ages. It features a range of genres and reading levels, making it ideal for ESL students.

Journaling All Summer Long

Let’s help our students become awesome writers and express themselves through journaling! Encourage them to keep a summer journal where they can write about anything they want – like what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, or even make-believe stories. It’s a great chance for them to practice writing in English while having fun being creative. They can write about their summer adventures, make up cool stories, or even draw their own comic strips. Let’s get those imaginations flowing and pens moving!

Online Resource Recommendation:

  • Journalate ( This interactive platform provides a safe space for students to write online journals. It offers various prompts and customizable options, making it an exciting tool for young writers.

Summer Activities for Listening and Speaking:

Let’s get our students talking and listening in English by making it part of their everyday fun! As summer activities encourage them to listen to cool podcasts or audiobooks in English while they’re in the car or playing outside. And how about turning chatting into a game? They can talk with family or friends while playing games or doing activities that need talking. It’s a sneaky way to practice English while having a blast!

Online Resource Recommendation:

  • Chatterbug ( This online language-learning platform offers interactive lessons and encourages conversation practice with native English speakers through video calls. It provides an immersive language experience for students during the summer break.
  • Virtual Language Learning:

  • Explore online resources that provide interactive language-learning activities specifically designed for children. Many websites and apps offer games, quizzes, and exercises that reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills in a fun and engaging way.
  • Duolingo ( Duolingo offers language courses for children, including English as a second language (ESL). With its gamified approach, students can enjoy interactive exercises that reinforce language skills while earning rewards.

Summer vacation is a super cool opportunity for kids learning English to keep getting better at it! If we mix these fun and smart activities into their everyday routines, they’ll get better at reading, writing, listening, and talking without even noticing they’re learning. Plus, there are tons of neat websites, apps, and online stuff that make learning English like playing a game! Let’s make this summer all about exploring and getting better at language!

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