Saturday, October 15, 2011

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Guided Reading Lessons - TEKS - Grade 3”

by Mark Lyons
3rd Grade

Guided Reading Lessons – TEKS – Grade 3
This set of lessons is intended for use by teachers and students as a resource for guided reading lessons. A reading passage paired with a poem serves as the basis for guided reading lessons and to help assess student knowledge of reading objectives. Each lesson is correlated to the reading TEKS for Texas. 
Instructions for using the selections as guided reading practice are included. They are designed to provide teachers with before, during, and after reading lesson plans to help guide students through the selections. A list of higher level vocabulary words found in the passages comes with the lessons. Multiple choice as well as short and extended answer questions follow the paired selections. Each question is designed to assess a specific reading objective. An answer key is also included. It tells the correct multiple choice answers and examples of best-score short and extended response answers.
The set of passages can also be used as stand alone assessment pieces without the lesson plans. Students independently read and complete the passage and question items. The teacher can then either score each assessment passage apart from the students and report back to them as to how they performed or the teacher can score the passage in class together with the students allowing for immediate feedback and discussion. 
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