Friday, October 7, 2011

FREE MISC. LESSON - “How to Record Audio on GarageBand”

by spanishplans
Kindergarten - 12th Grade
This pdf shows you how to make a voice recording on a Mac computer using the Program GARAGEBAND.
You can use this program in multiple class and across any grade level to assess students.
I personally use this in foreign language to have my students record themselves and then I can assess their pronunciation. It's the closest to a Language Lab as I can get!
I know elementary teachers use this for reading fluency. The students read a passage and can listen to themselves. 
You could save these files the students create and use them to create an audio portfolio.
Note: This is specific to the program GarageBand. You must have this program installed and have a microphone (either external or internal) to be able to record audio.
You can use this HOW-TO sheet to teach yourself how to do it, or have a copy for the students to use.

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