Friday, October 14, 2011

FREE MATH LESSON - “The Pumpkin Pack: Pumpkin Pie for All!”

by Runde’s Room
4th - 8th Grade

In this FREE Halloween or Thanksgiving math activity for multiplication and equivalent fractions, students are given a word problem to solve. They have a recipe for a pumpkin pie that makes 8 servings. They must then alter the measurements and rewrite the recipe so that each member of the class gets one piece at school, and gets to take home one entire pie for Thanksgiving dinner.

This free activity is one activity included in The Pumpkin Pack – a collection of activities that could be completed over a span of a few days, or during one fun-filled pumpkin day. Activities cover the areas of science (buoyancy), math (circumference, scatterplot graphs, equivalent fractions, word problems), language arts (figurative language), and visual arts.

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